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Active Imaginations Child Development Center

Childcare Centered on Each Infant’s Individual Needs

Our Infant Program

Caring for infants requires individualized routines and schedules based on the needs of each child. Usually, the younger the child is, the more flexible the schedule has to be. Caregivers must also be responsive to the child’s biological rhythms and interests.

It is very helpful for the parents of newly enrolled infants to prepare a detailed description of their child’s daily schedule while at home prior to their first day. At Active Imaginations Child Development Center in Louisville, Kentucky, our goal is to ensure that your child’s day at school resembles the same routine as much as possible.

Before your first day, we suggest you spend a couple hours in the classroom getting to know the teachers and routines. This is also for the teachers to get to know you, your child, and your expectations and desires.

If the weather permits, all our children including the tiniest of newborns spend time outside, so please don't forget your infants coat, hat, and mittens. We welcome nursing moms to come whenever possible, and we can arrange a quiet, calm room if desired. Additionally, we are firm believers of “tummy time.”

While playing on the floor, your child will be encouraged by a caregiver to explore the surroundings. The infant room has many developmentally appropriate toys that will help promote learning in our youngest students! Your infant will also be exposed to singing, finger plays, and book readings on a daily basis. We even believe in doing art projects that you will cherish!

For busy parents, all you need to provide for your infant on a daily basis are bottles already prepared (don't forget the caps) and labeled. We suggest you bring in a full pack of diapers every couple of weeks. The caregivers will let you know when you begin to run low.

Always remember to have a couple changes of clothes for those times when accidents do occur. We will supply the rest (including wipes and solid food). We realize how demanding this stage is, so we keep a 4-1 child-to-staff ratio.

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