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Active Imaginations Child Development Center

Where Learning is Fun!

Making Learning Fun and Exciting for Everyone

When it comes to providing excellent care and education for your children, you will find that Active Imaginations Child Development Center in Louisville, Kentucky will meet and exceed your expectations. All of our spacious classrooms have their own bathrooms. Additionally, we strive to provide families with a safe and nurturing environment for their children.

If you are a parent who is part of the workforce, we understand the need for quality full-time care. As such, we have carefully developed a program to fit the needs of every family.

Our center provides children with an opportunity to learn at their own pace by providing an atmosphere full of hands-on activities and challenging tasks while stimulating their imaginations and thought processes. Our teachers are trained to capture those “teachable moments” without the children realizing they are, in fact, learning.

At Active Imaginations Child Development Center in Louisville, Kentucky, your toddlers will embark on a journey of mastering new skills such as walking, talking, and potty training.

At Active Imaginations Child Development Center in Louisville, Kentucky, we have provided a list of skills and concepts that are age appropriate for two-year-olds.

The following is a list of age-appropriate skills and concepts for our three-year-old preschool class at Active Imaginations Child Development Center in Louisville, Kentucky.

Nutritious Food for Your Child

We believe in a lifestyle focused on being active and eating healthy. As such, we serve our children well-balanced meals featuring whole grains, fresh fruits, and vegetables. Our students are exposed to foods "outside the box" from typical child friendly diets. It is our mission to stay away from processed, prepackaged food.

When possible, we use locally grown and harvested items. Our children will experience gardening and growing our own vegetables and herbs in our very own garden. Our children also eat in a “cafeteria-type” setting similar to a school. Additionally, our meals are served “home-style,” and with the guidance of a teacher, the children are often able to serve themselves. This task helps with independent living skills.

A Wide Range of Activities for You to Enjoy 

Your child will be exposed to various extracurricular activities program including Spanish, KidFit, and more! These classes are taught by outside professionals and are included in our competitive tuition rates. We also have an innovative assessment based curriculum for all ages that is guaranteed to ensure your child is ready mentally for kindergarten and beyond.

Our unique, all-inclusive extracurricular programs, curriculum, large classrooms, low child-to-teacher ratios, and nutritious meals simply can't be beat. Contact us today to schedule a tour.

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